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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  October 26, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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district's dime. investigators say that mark bustos and bradley whitham bought thousands of dollars of items and sold them online for cash. they were fired and arrested after another employee noticed a strange purchase on the card. >> there was a lot of work on craigslist, ebay and the credit card company and the district and so there's a lot of information a lot of records involved. >> bustos and withham face 20 felony counts between them including embezzlement and conspiracy. the oakland police department is getting backup from the chp to help deal with this rising crime. starting in a week and a half, chp officers will be deployed in the streets to help boost patrols in high crime areas. they will also help with traffic enforcement including how many officers and who will
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pay for are still being worked out. >> the men and women of my police department do an amazing job under difficult circumstances. we appreciate any help we can get. >> a similar deployment is anned stockton. other bay area headlines, oakland just wrapped up its 105th homicide of the year. the unnamed victim was shot multiple times this morning near the halfway house where he was living. investigators say he was intentionally targeted but so far no word on a motive or suspect. a vallejo man is under arrest in connection with a string of arsons accused of setting fires at taylor chapel and cooley and reno mortuary over the summer. last month police say he toredched the law office of ossie davis. they say he was unhappy with legal work davis did for the family.
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the san francisco driver nearly ended up inside a safeway store in the city's marina district. his jaguar jumped the parking bumper and slammed into a line of shopping carts. but the car stopped short of the store's front windows. the driver was not badly hurt. well, if san francisco giants would play tonight they probably would but it's a travel day. they hope to keep up the momentum tomorrow night in detroit. the club left san francisco this morning with a comfortable 2-0 series lead. they boarded buses outside at&t park earlier. >> proud of these guys and hopefully, we'll play the type of ball we played here on the road. >> nobody thought the giants would be where they are so they have been surprising in the last couple of months. >> game 3 is tomorrow night. in the motor city, along with game 4 on sunday and game 5 if necessary on monday. in two days your couch will come with a warning label because a as cbs 5
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consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains, a controversial flame retardant is now on the state's list of cancer-causing chemicals. >> reporter: we're used to seeing them on cigarettes and alcohol and even lead paint. but hot off the presses, prop 65 warning labels are coming to a furniture store near you. do you have any idea what chemicals are in, say this chair? >> no and neither do the people who sell it to me. >> reporter: tom georgie of georgie brothers furniture says that's the problem. the state of california has added one chemical flame retardant to its list of cancer- causing chemicals but no one seems to know which chemicals are in which sofas so they are all getting a prop 65 warning label what they do know if your couch was purchased in california, it likely contains pounds of chemical flame retardants added to comply with a 1970s state flammability standard. >> supposed to withstand the 12- second open flame. >> reporter: this scientist explains that's the 40-year-old requirement of tb-117. but it only applies to the foam inside the furniture which is
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why manufacturers douse it with chemicals. he demonstrates in an actual fire it's the fabric that catches first and once it's ignited he says the chemicals have little effect except to produce toxic smoke and carbon monoxide. and because the flame retardants migrate and set until dust studies found high levels of the toxic chemical in toddlers, breast milk and babies, as well. >> we do know it lowers iq that it slows brain development. >> reporter: the state senator is relieved a reduced standard may eliminate these chemicals from couches. tom is also relieved. >> if my customers are concerned i'm concerned. >> reporter: now, the revision to california's flammability standard is expected by next summer. it would increase fire safety without chemical flame retardants. in the meantime all couches sold in california must adhere to the old standards which means most will come with chemically treated foam and a prop 65 warning label. if you have a consumer
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question, give us a call 1-888- 5-helps-u. thank you. tea's biggest enemy. one thing you add to the drink that wipes out all its health benefits. >> then "frankenstorm"'s trick on the east coast. how residents are preparing for the unpredictable super storm set it wreak halloween havoc. >> your world series baseball team the san francisco giants better prepare for some chilly weather. first pitch temperature tomorrow night 43 degrees. outside on the mount ca cam showing us sunshine. how warm do we get this weekend? i'll have the surprising answer coming up. >> with the clock ticking the candidates are getting back to basics. how they are refocusing on the campaign trial sway undecided voters.
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... rob a woman inside her casto valley home. but what investigators say really ha two teenagers hatch a plan to rob a woman inside her home in castro valley. but what investigators say
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really happened was a murder that was nothing short of evil. a trusting woman strangled to death with the young suspects setting a fire to cover up their tracks. cbs 5 reporter da lin with how the victims knew those suspected killers. da. >> reporter: allen, prosecutors say this was such a gruesome crime, that they will be charging a 16-year-old in this case as an adult as he appeared at this superior court this afternoon. both he an an 18-year-old suspect will be charged with murder and arson. >> this is what nightmares are made of what these two i'll use the term loosely people did. reporter: detectives describe the two teens as evil and their crimes despicable. they say the suspects killed a woman in her home, went to lunch, hung out with friends and came back that night to set body on fire to cover their
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tracks. the alameda counties sheriff's investigators say 18-year-old codey nicosia and 16-year-old christian birdsall killed barbara latiolais over money. they say the 16-year-old is a distant relative of the victim's boyfriend a retired san francisco firefighter. they say the two teens planned the attack knowing the woman was home alone and the boyfriend out of found. deputies believe they asked one to do yardwork. once inside the house the suspects came behind the victim and choked her until she passed out. >> miss latiolais started making noises. she was not dead at that point. and the two of them took a rope and together they strangled her to death. >> reporter: detectives say the teens robbed her of jewelry, money and guns. they say the pair admitted to killing the woman when the parents confronted the teens. >> asking them what's going on? what are you doing? if you did anything, you need to come clean. and the kid turned and looked his father and said, we killed someone.
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>> reporter: the two teens will return to court first thing monday morning. that's when they will be assigned to an attorney. live in hayward, i'm da lin, cbs 5. thank you. in campaign 2012 the candidates are getting back to the basics as the number one topic on the campaign trail is you guessed it the economy. cbs reporter tara mergener on how the candidates are focusing their final days of campaigning. >> reporter: governor mitt romney hit the stage, in ames iowa, ready to jump on new economic numbers. >> last quarter our economy grew at just 2%. after the stimulus was passed the white house promised that the economy would now be growing at 4.3%. over twice as fast. >> reporter: romney pointed the finger at the president's policies and is using the economy to make his closing argument to voters in the battleground states. >> this is not the time to double down on "trickle-down government" policies that have failed us. it's time for new bold changes that measure up to the moment. >> reporter: the white house
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looked at the new numbers as a sign the country is heading in the right direction. the economy expanded at a right higher than most expert predicted. vice president biden told voters in wisconsin a romney presidency would erase all the progress the president made. >> we believe for americans to succeed the middle class has to rebuild and grow. it's the only way working class people have a way: >> reporter: the president wrapped us his campaigning at an airport thursday night reminding voters of his efforts to help an auto industry that accounts for 1 in 8 ohio jobs. >> if mitt romney was president when the auto industry was on the verge of collapse we might not have an american auto industry today. we would be buying cars from china instead of selling cars to china. >> reporter: the president was off the campaign trail today. he did a series of interviews with tv and radio stations. the new economic numbers come as the latest "associated
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press" poll shows likely voters with more confidence in mitt romney than president obama to handle the economy. 51% to 44%. at the white house, i'm tara mergener for cbs 5. i'm ken bastida in mobile5 in south fremont. we are going to show you what it took to dig a tunnel through the middle of the city to build a new bart station. >> tea gets a lot of credit but the one thing added to your tea that destroys the health benefits. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to mobile 5 and ken bastidah a first look at the newly completed bart expansion in fremont's warm springs area. n, this is quite a m let's go out live to mobile 5 and ken bastida with a first look at the newly completed bart expansion in fremont's warm springs area. ken, you know, this is quite a milestone. >> reporter: yeah. it's going to take a while to actually finish it. we're standing right now on what in 2015 will be the bay area's newest bart station. it will be called warm springs or the south fremont station, nothing here right now but a bunch of bart rails. but to get here from fremont, the last station on the line, they had to dig the central subway tunnel. now, check this thing out.
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this thing is 15 football fields long and it goes underneath central park in fremont. it goes underneath lake elizabeth. in fact, they had to take all the turtles and fish out and drain the lake to build the tunnel and today, some people went walking down through the tunnel and they said that it was pretty amazing. the california transportation commission says this has taken many years, it's about time. >> we are here to celebrate such an amazing day today the 5.3, 5.4-mile extension and then after this, we go another 16.1 miles to make sure that bart not only comes to southern fremont but to berryessa, downtown san jose and on to santa clara where we link with caltrain commuter rail so that after a 60-year wait, a wait that was worth it, but after a
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60-year wait, we'll finally have rapid rail around the entire bay [ applause ] >> it's amazing. it took three years to dig the subway tunnel under central park. the neighbors in the neighborhood had to put up with it. so they invited 400 of them down there today. here's what it will look like when it gets here in 2015. this will be a brand-new bart station. then they will go on to berryessa and downtown san jose and then, folks, you will be able to go around the whole bay. reporting live from mobile5 in fremont, i'm ken bastida, back to you. >> thank you. drinking tea can help fight cancer, heart disease, diabetes, lower your cholesterol promote weight loss, make you more alert. >> i'm going to drink more tea. sounds good. but there's a twist. something you do to your tea may undo all those great benefits. dr. kim mulvihill pours out the reason. reporter: tea. >> black tea, red tea, yellow tea, green tea and white tea. >> reporter: next to water, tea
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is the most consumed beverage in the world. >> i like the soothing effect that i get from drinking tea. >> just makes you feel good knowing that it's a health benefit. >> reporter: tea is chockful of powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins. it boosts immune system, helps the heart. >> we drink tea every day. >> reporter: but a new study suggests what you put in tea might make the benefits evaporate. 16 healthy adults drank black tea, some with skim milk or hot water. scientists measured the effect on blood vessels. as reported in the european heart journal compared to water, black tea significantly improved arterial functions but adding milk completely blunted the effects. as to why? researchers suspect the proteins in the milk bind to
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the anti-oxidants, neutralizing their power. and it's not just dairy. proteins in soy milk have the same negative effect. he is not surprised. >> we have known this for a long time. >> reporter: for lopez that's the only way to drink tea. >> we don't put nothing in it because we want the natural taste. >> perfect. >> reporter: nice. so the next time it's tea time, remember, pure and simple may be the best approach. dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5, healthwatch. developing news, the outer reaches of hurricane sandy soaked parts of florida today. sandy has already claimed nearly 2 dozen lives in the caribbean, the worst may be yet to come. sandy has the potential to be an ugly halloween trick for millions from north carolina up to new england. it could meet up with a cold front to create a powerful chilly super storm being called "frankenstorm." the hurricane's potential targets range from the nation's
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capital up to massachusetts where preparations are well under way. >> still a little early to tell you about we have the plywood and sandbags ready. we'll be as prepared as we can an hope for the best. >> the storm isn't entirely predictable so where it will hit exactly and how much force they can't really pin that down yet. paul, a much different story here in the bay area. it's a gorgeous day to end the week. >> the east coast is doling with that big, big storm that's going to be a big problem for us the only probable did you remember your sunscreen? we have lots of sunshine out there. what a great shot of the bay bridge crystal clear from the coast to the sierra and right in between we have comfortable temperatures. oakland 72. livermore 75. santa rosa 76. we hit 70 in downtown san francisco earlier today currently 65 in san jose 68. hi-def doppler the strongest radar in bay area is crystal
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clear and will remain that way all the way through the weekend. a lot of you woke up to chilly temperatures, concord 43, napa 41. it will be chilly again tonight but not as chilly. napa 49, concord 51, redwood city 52 and fremont you will drop down to 51 degrees. the storm track is well up to the north. we're talking western oregon and western washington british columbia. a few showers in extreme northern california up toward crescent city but not for us. for us, it's all about high pressure. high pressure keeping us dry this weekend beautiful weekend weather. we'll have a dry northwest flow of air. that's a great flow of air for us if you like october sunshine with temperatures running about 5 degrees above normal which they will. it's go to last to the top of next week but a lot of you have plans wednesday night your kids are going to be trick or treating. wetter weather by halloween. low pressure getting it back together to our north on monday and tuesday. moving into and through the bay area by wednesday. right now the timing does not look good for a dry trick or treating forecast. chance of showers moves back by wednesday. but it's only friday.
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enjoy the weekend first. it will be sunny and mild. rain-free all the way through tuesday. but we are trending wetter if anything over the past 24 hours it looks wetter for halloween and november 1. san jose 75. tomorrow a beautiful day two degrees above average concord 76 and oakland 72. everybody running a couple of degrees above average. union city 71. los altos 75. gorgeous saturday in pittsburg sunshine 73. fairfield 76. vallejo 70. we're looking at low to mid-70s for novato, san rafael, kentfield, upper 60s for sausalito and downtown san francisco. your extended forecast calling for highs inland in the low 80s. by sunday, mid-70s. monday cloudier. wednesday by halloween especially halloween evening a chance of rain this will extend into thursday. speaking of halloween, roberta gonzales is on a search for the perfect pumpkin. she is searching in the sunshine. good evening. >> reporter: good evening,
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paul. what we have been doing tonight is pumpkin patch hopping all wait over the east bay interest castro valley through dub into pleasanton. dublin into pleasanton. there are many varieties of pumpkins. i like this one. we give two thumbs up to this pumpkin patch outside the shade land museum in walnut creek. they have everything you ever wanted even a little theater for the kids and a petting zoo and so coming up at 6:00 tonight we'll share with you more activities near walnut creek at this pumpkin patch. >> what great weather. >> beautiful. thank you. new at 5:00 neighbors in one san mateo community are fuming about local teens smoking pot in the park. they say one of the major hot spots is just a block from a high school. but cbs 5 reporter len ramirez explains, the teens may have found a creative way around getting caught. reporter: teenagers walking
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to and from school in san mateo with some of them allegedly due when they reach this small park has neighbors on arbor lane fuming. >> they will stop bike bye in the park teenagers and they will have their morning marijuana. >> reporter: lisa tanner says the same thing happens in the afternoons. >> very blatant, very obvious. so i'm wondering why smoking is allowed in the park much less marijuana smoking. >> if somebody was stand there is walking through smoking a marijuana cigarette that would you, please, set me. >> reporter: sergeant tim sullivan says san mateo county police occasionally get calls complaining about the smoking but can't confirm what some neighbors have reported that people smoking pot have flashed medicinal marijuana cards when questions but he says it happens. >> it's not uncommon for somebody we come across to have possession of marijuana or be smoking marijuana. they have a card. and therefore it is hands off. >> reporter: we didn't see anyone smoking in the park today but when our camera arrived several young people
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who had been sitting on a bench together got up and walked away. hillsdale high school less than 1,000 feet from the park is looking into the issue but can't confirm that the smokers are hillsdale students. in a statement, a spokesman told us, "students cannot be in possession of drugs or alcohol or be under the influence from the time they leave for school to the time they return to their homes." we're joining you now live from san mateo. this is a very nice neighborhood. but liz, i want to show you the perspective. this lane goes into the park and you can see kids running around practicing soccer and plank. this is a hidden park. it's considered an asset for this neighborhood when people move in here. but this problem of marijuana has been persistent and it's happened several times over the years but this addition of medicinal marijuana cards being used to kind of justify their smoking is really a new dimension. one of the things the neighbors say they want to try and do is get an all-out ban on smoking the way some cities have done in their parks for secondhand smoke issues rather than fight
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this on the marijuana issue. >> all right. we'll see what happens with that. thank you, len we'll be right back. 64 million americans are in hurricane sandy's path. we're following the storm which has the potential to be one of the costliest in history. that's tonight on the "cbs evening news." in
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mean? and he said the black people, we don't take credit cards from black people" a band member claims he's hassled, because of the colf here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. >> i said, what do you mean? he said, black people. we don't take credit cards from black people. >> a band member claims he is hassled because of the color of his skin. the hall of famer who says that he is stunned by that sour note in san francisco. >> they donate millions of dollars to defeat prop 30. question is, who are "they"? the state effort to unmask the mysterious contributors. that and more at 6:00. thanks for watching the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. the latest news and weather are always on captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> pelley: tonight, it could be a sequel to the perfect storm. hurricane sandy begins merging with a polar air mass to create a kind of superstorm not seen on the east coast in two decades. the east coast in two decades. reports from chip reid and meteorologist david bernard. the economy picks up steam, but is it enough to get unemployment the election.


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